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Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank you Nike, Mark Parker, and Nice Kicks

Dear Mr. Parker,

     There comes a time in someone’s life when something bothers you so much, but when that something is so big, you are forced to wake up every morning and hope for a miracle. For the past 16 years of my life, that something has been not being able to tie my shoes. This summer, I realized that I couldn't wait for a miracle any longer. I knew I had to take action. I reached out to you and your great company in search of a solution. I knew what I was doing was, in football terms “a Hail Mary," and to be quite honest I had very low expectations. I was expecting a very polite letter back in recognition of my request.

     I never imagined that just 48 hours after the letter went viral thanks to the help of Nice Kicks, I would receive a call from one of your employees, Mr. John Poyner of Jordan Brand.When John told me that he also has cerebral palsy, and that he couldn't have been more proud of what I was trying to do, I was honored. John seems like a great asset to your company, and an even better person. When John uttered the words "so here's the next step" I got the chills. I had heard of Tobie Hatfield only 24 hours prior to the phone call, when I read about the spikes he created for Olympian Oscar Pistorius. I could have never imagined that he would be working with me on a shoe that I can put on myself. The past two and a half weeks have been filled with amazement and joy for my family and me. The reality hasn't set in yet, that in a matter of weeks, I won't have to worry about tying my shoes,and for the first time ever I will be able to be fully independent. There are not enough thank yous in the world to express my undying gratitude towards you and Nike as an entire company. I will never forget what you and your company are doing for me.

Warmest Regards,
Matthew Walzer


  1. hi matt

    m y name is AZ Chapman I am 20 with CP. I was wondering if Nike will make a product for these shoes or if they are making one just for u. I can tie my shoes ( my CP is mild) but know others who could benifit also they should also make some for females I am a women with CP

    ps i am doing a photo montage for World CP day September fourth if u want to be it email me at

  2. This is wonderful news! I would love to purchase them for our daughter if they release them for others to wear.