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Saturday, July 28, 2012

What went wrong?

Lets face it, at 45-54 any playoff hopes that the Marlins thought they had heading into their Muhammad Ali glistened opening night at Marlins Park have been thrown out the window. The front office has made this pretty loud and clear, even though there not admitting it, as they've traded Omar Infante, Anibal Sanchez, and Hanley Ramirez over the past week. It's a damn shame, for the first time in franchise history Marlins fans felt they had a team they could not just win the Wild Card, but WIN THE DIVISION. In a season that presented so much promise, more has gone wrong than right.

1. Lack of Runs.
At the time of writing the Marlins are 29th in all of baseball in runs scored with just 261. (The Cardinals lead the majors with 373) A team isn't going to score many runs if their batters don't get on base, the Marlins are 24th in on base percentage; With speedsters such as Reyes and Bonifacio, you'd expect that to be a lot higher. Of course this article just wouldn't be complete without mentioning the lack of success when the team has runners in scoring position. The Fish are hitting .232 with RISP (25th) and are 26th in RBI's with RISP

2. Injuries
Two words : Gincarlo Stanton.

3. Blown Saves
Oh Heath Bell, at least your good at adding some good drama on (what was) a nightly basis, you sure do keep those "The Franchise" episodes fresh.

4. Wrong moves in off season? What if Loria bumped up the money a little and threw in some self portraits for Pujols and/or C.J. Wilson? Buehrle has been somewhat inconsistent, and Reyes has been mediocre. you honestly have to wonder...

5. Inconsistency
Basically the whole 25 man roster (and Hanley)

is it 2013 yet?