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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marlins stay hot, look to take series in Chi-town

The Marlins bats came alive on Saturday as the fish routed the Cubs 13-3. after losing 2-1 Friday afternoon, the Fish's offense put on a clinic led by two Mike Stanton home runs giving him 20 on the season. Logan Morrison also joined the party by adding in a three run shot of his own. Hanley Ramirez had three doubles and two RBI's. The 13 runs scored was the first time all year the Marlins had scored double digit runs in a game. Javier Vazquez turned in perhaps his best start of the season Saturday, going seven innings, giving up just three runs, walking none, and striking out ten Cubs. The ten strikeouts for Vazquez were the most since he was with the Braves in June of 2009 in a start against the Pirates. He struck out twelve that game. The Marlins will look to take three of the four games in the series against the Cubs tomorrow at 2:20 p.m


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